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233 Saltonstall St
Canandaigua NY

Howell Farm is a family operated, small town farm, nestled in the heart of upstate New York, in the Finger Lakes region.  We grow great garlic by hand, and it's nothing but natural goodness.  We grow many hardneck garlic varieties, suppling premium quality, organically grown, seed garlic, and gourmet food garlic, for garlic lovers and growers.  All of our garlic is grown naturally, without artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers; preserving and practicing what's great for you and good for nature.

How We Grow Garlic

The steps to grow organic garlic at Howell Farm.  We work hard to grow great harneck and softneck garlic.

Organically Grown Garlic

There are many steps required to grow garlic the way we do at Howell Farms.  We do each of these steps with our hands-on approach.  We are intimately connected to the process and avoid shortcuts over doing it the right way.  The size, quality, flavor, and storing time are all greatly affected by the practices used.

We spend time building our soil using green manures, and compost.  We test our soil and make sure that it’s optimally suited for growing large high quality garlic.  We carefully select our seed stock, ensuring only the quality cloves from organic sources are planted.  We do a foliar feed in the spring, while the plants are experiencing vigorous growth.  We avoid chemical fertilizers by starting with good soil, while preparing compost for future soil preparations.  Check out a few of the pictures that show some of the steps.

We have our hands in every step, ensuring the process is done the way we feel is the best.  By doing it from start to finish we can bring out all the qualities that good garlic should offer.  Every process is done with organic practices, we never use chemical fertilizer, pesticides, or and herbacides.  You get great seed and great food you can feel good about.  Good values and family are very important at Howell Farm, and we pour those values into the process, and take pride in our work.