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233 Saltonstall St
Canandaigua NY

Howell Farm is a family operated, small town farm, nestled in the heart of upstate New York, in the Finger Lakes region.  We grow great garlic by hand, and it's nothing but natural goodness.  We grow many hardneck garlic varieties, suppling premium quality, organically grown, seed garlic, and gourmet food garlic, for garlic lovers and growers.  All of our garlic is grown naturally, without artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers; preserving and practicing what's great for you and good for nature.

Growing Garlic - How To Order

We are sold out for 2018!  New orders for 2019, will begin shipping late August once the garlic is cured and ready.  Early orders are best to ensure you get the best quality, as orders are filled by the order they arrive.


Seed Stock:

We ship all garlic as whole bulbs, most of which are 2” minimum diameter or greater. Our earliest, or first orders, will receive our largest bulbs.  If you order later in the season, you may receive 1.75” bulbs, with large cloves. These varieties with large cloves (size) will produce healthy plants.  

Food Garlic:

We sell our smaller bulbs (full of flavor) that are not (our premium seed) garlic as “food garlic”. These bulbs are not seconds or culls.  You’ll also notice a reduction in the price per lb. We a few options, one of which is a variety sample.  Options for this include 1lb. or 1.5lb.  Making them a great gift idea for garlic lovers, or a way to explore gourmet hardneck garlic for yourself!

If you find one of the varieties you want is SOLD OUT, you can email us and ask to be placed on a list.  We will email you if our harvest yeilds more than we conservatively estimate and can provide it for you.

If you have questions or need help placing an order, you can always Email or call us.  If you are local and want to stop by and pick-up your order, please send us an Email at: or call (585) 406-4771 or (585) 944-2882 


How much garlic should I buy?

First figure out how many heads or pounds of garlic you would like to harvest.

Each pound of hardneck garlic seed provides approx 40-50 cloves of garlic to plant. (Each clove grows into its own plant or head of garlic.) This will yield 40-50 heads of garlic.

We plant about 400lbs.of cloves per 1/4 acre

Orders will be shipped in the order in which they were received begining August 24th. If you would like to request a specific ship date please leave a note during the order process or contact us.
Please note that all sales are final.  
Note: Garlic is usually planted at different times depending on your climate.  If you live in the north your typical planting timeframe is from late September to early November, and should plant three to six weeks before the ground freezes.  If you are planting in the  south  your planting window would be November through January.

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